Five Virtual Employees Your Business Should Consider Hiring

In this day and age, you don’t need to rent an office or own a brick and mortar business to run a complete business and enlist the assistance of employees. With the internet, you can run an entire company from the comfort of your own home and employ people that never set a foot in your home and some that you may never even see in person.

You can hire them online, interview them with a video conference, and set up communication in any number of ways to ensure the job is getting done. Even businesses that have an actual office or store space sometimes employ virtual workers. It’s just convenient. Here are some your business may want to consider.


A virtual receptionist is a great investment, especially for businesses lacking an actual front door. If you work from home or in an office that really isn’t accessible to the public, but you want to be able to speak to customers on the phone and still have them directed to different departments, having a virtual receptionist will give you want you need and you won’t have to put in a front desk (or take all those calls yourself).


If your business has a blog (and it should), you may be better off hiring a professional blogger to keep your page updated. This way you enlist someone that writes for a living, knows the ins and outs of things like SEO, metadata, and link building, and you won’t be taking someone else away from their own job (and you won’t have to try to cram it into your own busy schedule).

Social Media Manager

Aside from a blogger, you should also have a social media manager. Social media usage does a lot of great things for businesses and will easily expand your reach. However, you need to be on social media and know-how to get the most out of your time on there. That’s where hiring a pro comes in, and ensures that you aren’t just wasting your time with all those social media sites.

Data Entry

Businesses that need data entry done usually hire a person specifically for that duty. Data entry takes a keen eye and excellent (and speedy) typing skills. Outsourcing data entry services to companies such as Peak Support ( could not only help reduce the load on the workers but also increase the efficiency of the job. Data entry can be done from anywhere, all you have to do is send them the files and documents and they can do what needs to be done (make sure to use encrypted emails and documents to protect people’s information).

Marketing Professional

You may also want to think of hiring a virtual marketing assistant. This is someone that does more than just social media marketing. They know how to get your blog and website found by the most people, how to track how many views you’re getting, and how to successfully turn visitors into clients.