Small is Beautiful – The Power of Small Business

They say, the world is a small place, especially since the inception of the internet. They say the world is dominated by big business rather than politics. And yes, a large amount of support services and business tools are catered to the needs of bigger businesses such as big data and business intelligence, however you can get just as much support for smaller businesses as well if you look. I say, small businesses matter just as much. I say, let’s for a moment take a look at the great work of literally millions of small enterprises all over the world.

For a few minutes, I would like you to cast your mind on all the small businesses in your area: the corner shops, hairdressers, bakers, grocery stores, newsagents, home stores, office suppliers and many of the other small businesses you use each week. How many of these would you say use an IT support specialist and how many would you describe as ill-prepared for doing business in the digital age? Further afield, I am sure you know of a local accountant, tradesman, gardener, wedding planner, lawyer, financial advisor, plumber and of many other great service providers. Imagine for a moment, what your life would be like without all of these people. Would you really relish the thought of having to head to the next big city and avail of all these products and services through big global businesses?

I wouldn’t have thought so. Perhaps, those who say that small business is the backbone of society are right.

Why Small Businesses Deserve Our Support

The vast majority of small firms were set up by rather brave individuals who all had some sort of a vision. They might have had some help along the way to get themselves up and running and supported, such as from managed it services in Colorado (or wherever they are based) to put together the IT elements of the business – but either way, they are hard working. The creativity, drive and ambition they possessed drove them to forego their financial security and put all their time and money into their idea, in fact their money went into the start up of their business for things like ensuring they have a nice appealing business for us, and all the equipment to do their job properly. Even health care for startups isn’t cheap either so they really do put everything on the line for it. They all worked extremely hard to turn their idea into a viable business. They toiled and sweated, failed multiple times and went on to triumph in the end. They were proud and rejoiced, we should be full of gratitude and admiration. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and those who do journey along the startup road most certainly deserve praise. Ultimately, they all went on to service their local community and hold it together. A community without small businesses will disperse, scatter and fall apart. Hat off to all entrepreneurs, sole traders and small businesses!

The Benefits Small Businesses Create For Local Communities

We have now established how vitally important small companies are. But what are the real and tangible benefits these ventures create for communities and societies all over the world?

  • Local Products and Local Services For Local People: Small businesses provide vital and essential services and products for the people of their area. By doing so, they ensure, that the people of their community can work and live well, without having to leave their vicinity. You can go about your daily life without having to leave your community.
  • Local Relationships and Collaboration: Businesses create partnerships and relationships among their peers and with customers. Human interaction on a local level is healthy and important. It’s nice for anyone to enter a local store and buy a pint of milk, exchange a few words, bump into an old friend and hear some local gossip. It strengthens the bond between local people. Local businesses support each other by availing of each other’s products and services, further enhancing local relations.
  • Excellent Customer Relations: When you phone a small businesses, you will not be greeted by an automated voice and left holding for hours on end. You will have the privilege of speaking to a real person and perhaps even getting to know the voice on the other end of the phone line. Small businesses are better at responding to individual, personal queries. They value you more and thus endeavor to help you as best they can.
  • Employment: Small businesses may not provide hundreds of jobs, but combined they provide thousands of employment opportunities in all societies. Those employees who manage to find a job locally are in the lovely position of being able to live and work locally. Big companies may just let you go or relocate to a cheaper location. Small businesses are here to stay.
  • Innovation and Creativity: Many thousand really smart entrepreneurs have created the most innovative projects in response to a need they identified. By being observant, they have found a product or service previously unavailable and have decided to create it for us.
  • Inspiring the Young: The tenacity and genius inventiveness of small business owners, sole traders and entrepreneurs rubs off on our young. They will be inspired and encouraged and may themselves go on to create cutting-edge products or services.

Support Small Business

The next time you need a product or service, try to get it from a small business. You will offer support, show appreciation and help to ensure their continued success. Without small businesses, societies would indeed crumble, and perhaps they really are the fabric of our societies.

If you are one of the brave sole traders, entrepreneurs or small business owners – Thank You, your work is much appreciated.