Oliver and the entire AFG team would like to work with you. We like small businesses, we like entrepreneurs and we like to help them grow, develop and flourish. We work with sole traders, startups, small companies and people with ideas for great new ventures.

Small Is Beautiful

We are a small business, however, our mission is significant. Thanks to our vast experience in entrepreneurship, financial advice provision, business growth and development and company creation we are perfectly positioned to help small businesses and startups. Having created a company ourselves, we are familiar with the challenges and obstacles you may encounter. We also know about creating new opportunities and finding new markets.

We believe that small ventures are just as important as the big players, we value the efforts of creative and smart entrepreneurs and we aim to provide the best possible support structures. Equally, we like to see small businesses grow and expand and optimise the products and services they provide.

In close collaboration with our clients, we create viable growth strategies, lay solid foundations for startups and help individuals to succeed on their career paths.

Our Clients

Our clients come from virtually all sectors and we have been fascinated by the diversity of people and projects. Each client has something unique to offer and we strive to harness all of our clients’ energy and abilities.

Up until now, our clients have been involved in the following industries/sectors:

  • Retailers: We work with countless retailers with all kinds of shops.
  • Manufacturers: Many of our clients have small factories or home-production facilities.
  • Service Providers: We have worked with many different service providers, from child care facility owners, to computer technicians right through to career consultants. We welcome representatives from all sectors.
  • Tradesmen and Women: Some of our clients started off solo and ended up providing employment for several others.
  • Hospitality: We also work with restaurateurs, hoteliers and entrepreneurs in the tourism industry.
  • Eclectic New Ventures: We have been fortunate in having the opportunity to witness and support the creation of truly innovative and groundbreaking ventures.
  • Lots More: To name them all would simply take too long, sorry!

What We Do For Our Clients

We do our utmost to provide top financial advisory services and aim to support growth and expansion.

On a daily basis, we provide the following advisory services:

  • Small Business Analysis and Growth Strategy: We analyse the activity and financial position of our clients, identify strengths and weaknesses and co-create a growth strategy. Most small businesses have great potential for growth, may however, not always possess the know-how and skills needed.
  • Startups: We love supporting new ventures. We have seen many ideas flourish into fully viable businesses and support our clients through all the stages. We have been involved in the creation of a good business plan, getting finance, marketing and advertising, staffing issues, finding premises, branding, sale strategizing and much more.
  • Individuals: We also work with sole traders who wish to grow their services and are considering expansion. Some of our clients have gone from one-man operations to sizeable 10-staff businesses.
  • Taxations Issues: We also provide tax advisory services and teach our clients how to comply and save where possible.
  • Networking and Support: We make our clients part of our growing business network and connect businesses that may be of support to each other.
  • On-Going Business Support: Some of our clients have hired us on an ongoing basis. Depending on the client’s needs, we hold monthly, bi-monthly or bi-annual meetings to discuss the performance of the business and drive their expansion strategy forward.

Tailor-Made Services

All the services we provide are tailored to the needs and wishes of our clients. We appreciate that each and every client is unique and create a package best suited to meet these needs. Our thinking is flexible and creative, our goals remain the growth, expansion and viability of all our clients’ ventures.

We love what we do, we love seeing our clients grow and prospers and would be delighted to be of service to you too. You can rest assured that we will work hard for you and do our utmost to help you expand.